Daniela Cadena

Director of Venture Ready Programs, StartUP FIU

Daniela Cadena is a growth designer, with over seven years experience in product development and customer experience. She founded her first company in 2012; as an entrepreneur she discovered her commitment to solving social problems through profit-driven models. This led her in discovering her passion for sustainable business models and practices. Her heart is in her work, where she encourages inventors to problem solve the complex problems our world is facing with sustainable solutions that leverage emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

For four years, her learning agility has enabled her in working with universities in Colombia and the US, where she develops and implements curriculum to foster social innovation through entrepreneurial problem solving skills. Additionally, she consults for social entrepreneurs in Latin America on product research, problem identification, and inclusive design of products and services. Daniela is a Global Shaper Fellow, a branch of the World Economic Forum to foster a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change across the world. Creative and empathetic, she completed a Masters in International Relations focused on inclusive policy design of vulnerable populations at IE Business School.