StartUP FIU supports the university-wide initiative to expand the curriculum and course offerings in innovation and entrepreneurship. A special focus is on the soft skills, such as creativity and critical thinking, required in the current Fourth Industrial Revolution. Below you will find all course taught by the StartUP FIU staff.


Honors Introduction – Course Number 87959

Taught by: Robert Hacker
When: Monday 12:20pm-1:45pm
Course Description: This course will provide students the opportunity to study and learn the frameworks necessary to unlock their creative potential and deliver innovative solutions. The course will allow them to openly experiment, explore and ideate, but most importantly have the opportunity”iterate” through design thinking.

Social Impact through Entrepreneurship – Course Number IDH 4905 U05

Taught by: Daniela Cadena
When: Tuesday 3:00pm – 5:00pm. And the class code is
Course Description: This course will immerse students in a two-semester project, designed to expose students to Design Thinking, a methodology created at Stanford’s design School for user-centric innovation through inspiration, ideation and implementation. The Social Impact Lab focus is to understand the socio and economic impact of bridging the digital divide: how access to technology and connectivity affects the health, wellness and the educational capacity for children ages 3-18. Students will be exposed to Social Entrepreneurship skills and design sustainable solutions that lessen the digital divide in the South Florida community using design thinking: empathizing with the community, familiarizing themselves with the problem through primary and secondary data, define the problem, and ideate a solution based on the data gathered.

Global Social Entrepreneurship in Honors – Course Number 87853

Taught by: Robert Hacker
When: Wednesdays 10:00am-12:45pm
Course Description: This course explores the social, economic and political complexities of social ventures with a focus on social entrepreneurship. Alternative forms of social entrepreneurship are explored in depth in order to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each business model, and their impacts on communities around the globe. Using six Harvard Business Review cases each semester, students will examine how to address social needs by developing an entrepreneurial venture. This interdisciplinary class brings together students from various academic backgrounds and interests to find comprehensive strategies and solutions to address important issues. Lectures, case studies, and readings will prepare students to analyze a social challenge, come up with a business plan for a start-up enterprise as a team, and prepare to present their strategy to potential investors. Teams can be selected to submit their business plan to a global competition partnering with the Clinton Global Initiative.

Entrepreneurship, Design and Thinking – Course Number 87904

Taught by: Robert Hacker
When: Mondays 9:00am-11:45pm
Course Description: This research seminar explores the similarities and unique features of both the design process and new business concept development. The focus is on the processes, heuristics and ways of thinking about problem solving in each discipline. Readings and course work are primarily from the writings of modern practitioners in each field. Equal time is given to both social and for-profit objectives and outcomes.

Skunkworks – Course Number 87943

Taught by: Wifredo Fernandez
When: Thursdays 9:30am-12:15pm
Course Description: Skunkworks is a team-based course that pushes students to develop desirable, feasible and viable products or services that solve challenges they are passionate about. The goal is to emulate the process of starting a startup. Students will work in inter-disciplinary, collaborative units to build empathy for their target users, identify specific problems, develop prototypes and iterate solutions based on user feedback, and ultimately test potential business models. The course will consist of a mix of lecture, guest speakers, heavy field work and independent team project management. Students will also be connected to the broader Miami startup community, visit incubators and attend events that amplify their professional network.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Course Number 87979

Taught by: Robert Hacker
When: Mondays 1:00pm-3:45pm
Course Description: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Netflix are some of the most disruptive and transformative technologies in the last twenty years. These technologies not only changed the way people accessed information and services but also how people behave. This course explores this major period of technological and social change called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. From robots to 3D printed medication, the period in which we now live will have wide-ranging effects for at least the next fifty years.