Pitch Night Cohort 4 Empower Accelerator May 1, 2018

If you are yearning to explore your inner entrepreneur, StartUP FIU’s Pitch Night on May 1st is the place to be inspired!

The intrepid entrepreneurs from Cohort 4 of the Empower Accelerator are preparing their investor pitches for Pitch Night.  Going through the intensive 14-week Accelerator program has pushed them to the limit in refining their business models through rigorous and continuous testing of their assumptions about what it will take to be successful. On May 1st, you can see the fruits of their labor, as they each have 5 minutes to tell their stories to inspire potential investors to want to take a risk on them.

Here are the Cohort 4 companies preparing to pitch:

Safe Emissions Systems: Designs and builds a life-saving muffler for portable generators that eliminates 99.1% of the toxic carbon monoxide fumes.

CivicPro: Provides an online customizable database to track public meetings and legislation across cities.

MDocLive: Developing a platform that provides direct communication between health care providers and a patient or family member, including critical patient care instructions.

Ecological Atlas: Offers visually beautiful and flexible data-driven graphic mapping tools to enable landscape designers, gardeners, and environmentalists understand the bloom times, colors, and seasonality of their local environment.

Visional Forensics: Manufactures easy-to-use onsite crime scene detection of dangerous substances. Developed by career forensic lab experts.

Kangowrite: Provides digital learning tools to help students write research assignments in less time with less stress.

Mandatum: Enables consumers to name their own price for products they buy online.

Metastatic AI: Diagnoses the presence or absence of breast cancer with 99% accuracy by using deep machine learning.

NestNotes:  Provides a website and app for families to make it easier to record and print keepsakes.

Owletpass: Enables parents to find and register, online, their kids in a wide-range of activities on a one-time or continuous basis.

SunVessel:  Provides network of solar charging stations that enable people to easily rent, return, and charge personal mobility devices for fast and fun urban transportation.

SmartsAid:  Enables refugees, homeless, and other people in need to easily access aid services using a mobile app.

To see these teams pitch and get inspired, please join us for Pitch Night on the evening of May 1stat 6:30 pm on the main campus of Florida International University, SASC Auditorium, room 160. You can register here.

For more information, contact:
Kate Sackman, Director of the Empower Accelerator