Dr. Yogeswaran Umasankar

Emerging Technology Research Specialist

Dr. Yogeswaran Umasankar is an Emerging Technology Research Specialist at StartUP FIU. He works closely with university faculty members to commercialize their research by facilitating innovation, market research, customer discovery and identifying and applying for commercial funding.

Dr. Umasankar has a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, has worked as a scientific researcher for more than 15 years and was a pioneer in bioelectrochemistry. His areas of expertise include chemical sciences, biotechnology, engineering, and electrochemical sciences. His key strength is his scientific depth which helps create strong commercial value. During his career, he helped raise more than $1.5 million in research and commercial grants from various government agencies and corporate entities. His scientific works have been published in more than 70 reputed peer-reviewed journals with the highest impact factor of 39 and cited by more than 3,000 researchers with an h-index of 30. Many of Dr. Umasankar’s inventions have also been patented. His support accelerates innovation, commercial grant applications, and research commercialization at FIU.